Press release: SHIFT launch event

SHIFT Art Space introduces its series of projects with a launch event on 26th March 2014, Saturday at the Moderne Culinaire Academy in Taguig. Envisioned as creative platform for collaborative practice, SHIFT works around multiple facets of creativity, aiming at intersections between creative disciplines. It hopes to foster a platform and network for artists to realize their creative vision. Situated at the topmost floor of a culinary school, SHIFT occupies roughly 500-square-meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition space.

SHIFT’s launch event showcases three projects: 8 Minutes, Burning with Design, and The Cooking Show. All are collaborations resulting to objects, videos, performances and interactions. 8 Minutes is presented by visual artist Ling Quisumbing Ramilo, Chef Edward Mateo and the collective Studio XYZ. Quisumbing Ramilo’s installation pieces will explore time, its length and brevity, and the transformations that happen between. Studio XYZ presents works of various formats that focus on metamorphoses and change. Burning with Design is interactive performance between designer Brian Tenorio, Chef Dino Dizon and DJ Nix. Shoes constructed from food ingredients will be exhibited and viewed, enjoyed together with a buffet, poetry and soundscape. The Cooking Show brings together the talents of filmmaker and writer Alvin Yapan and Chef Sau del Rosario. They present their version of the televised cooking show, unpacking the relations and viewing protocols they contain through an installation piece.

SHIFT’s launch highlights the interactions possible between creative disciplines and generates interest in the limitless possibilities of collaborative work.

Event starts promptly at 7PM on 26th March 2014, Wednesday.

Venue is at the Moderne Culinaire Academy, 3F 155 Diego Silang St. Phase 1 AFPOVAI Fort Bonifacio Taguig 1630 Metro Manila Philippines. (Click here to for map directions)