S[H]IFT Launch Event

Event starts promptly at 7PM on 26th March 2014, Wednesday.

The launch event involves artistic collaborations with chefs of the Moderne Culinaire Academy. It will focus on the creative interfaces between culinary and artistic projects that result to object-oriented, process-based, or performative outcomes.

shift moderne culinaire academy

The S[H]IFT launch project comprises the following collaborations:

The Cooking Show

The Cooking Show is  collaboration between independent film maker Alvin Yapan and Chef Sau del Rosario.  The cooking show presents a deconstruction of the typical television cooking show format. This will be by way of an installation piece where Yapan and del Rosario unveil the interaction between viewer tastes, the chef’s creative control over the kitchen, the editing control of the director; and how the broadcast industry becomes the conduit for all these.  At its most basic, it is a commentary on the power of the gaze, the dynamics of consumption, the transformative element of mass media and the tensions that play out over the control of what is  be seen and what is consumed visually and gastronomically. 

alvin yapanAlvin Yapan is currently  Chair of the Filipino Department at the Ateneo de Manila University.  His film Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa has been given an Urian Best Picture in 2012 while his other films have been recognized in the Cairo Film Festival and Bogota Film Festival.  His  notable projects are the films Rolyo (2009) Ang Panggagahasa kay Fe (2010), Debosyon (2013) and television series Titser (GMA, 2013).

chef sau del rosarioChef Sau del Rosario has served as chef for prestigious kitchens which include the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, Equinox Swiss Hotel, Restaurant L’universe in Nice, France, Le Devellec in Paris, Luna in Shanghai among others.

Burning with Design

Burning with Design is the interactive performance of  shoe designer and design consultant  Brian Tenorio, Chef Dino Dizon and DJ Nix.  Brian Tenorio pioneered contemporary design for Marikina shoes  to revive the dying industry early in the 1990s.  For the project, shoes   inspired by fire and fire-related cooking processes, and which utilize food or food-related material, will be created and exhibited.   California Culinary Arts- and Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts-trained Chef Dino Dizon interprets these shoes through a buffet while DJ Nix provides poetry and creative soundscapes that transforms the event into a feast for all the senses. 

Brian TenorioBrian Tenorio  graduated from the  Pratt Institute in New York and is currently consultant to the City of Marikina and the World Health Organization.  He is  Executive Producer and Host of Design Para sa Lahat.  He won the 2007 Dutch-sponsored Philippine Bid Challenge (of the International Business in Development Network Foundation) and  the Philippine Junior Chamber International’s Creative Young Entrepreneur for 2007. Tenorio’s shoes were  included in the book 50 Must-Buys from Manila launched December 2008.

Chef Dino DizonChef Dino Dizon is the visionary leader of the Moderne Culinaire Academy.  He has been trained by the best in the field, and his culinary feats are unparalleled.  The depth and breadth of his knowledge about the culinary arts spans the gamut of international cuisine to the intricacies of indigenous exotica. 

Chef Dino delights in the creation of dishes that tickle the imagination.  His dishes have been inspired by the indigenous people of the Philippines, making sumptuous dishes from crocodile meat and ostrich.  He has created homemade organic ice cream made from local fruits like durian, and has specialized in cooking dishes in bamboo.  Because of his artistic flair in creating Filipino cuisine, he has been at the helm of several famous restaurants in the Philippines.  He is currently the Executive Chef for Luna Cafe and Slice, and is the Chef Consultant of Heroes, all of which can be found at the well-heeled boardwalks of Bonifacio Global City.  He has also worked as Executive Chef in Kaonanan, Sweet Spot Ice Cream Cafe, and Cafe El Gato in Davao City.  

Chef Dino has also cooked for Piatti Ristorante and Asia de Cuba-Clift Hotel in San Francisco, California, and the Big Water Grill and the Hyatt Regency, Lake Tahoe,in Nevada.  He has also been the Chef consultant of Nueve Cafe, River Walk Cafe, and Maxima Resorts in the Philippines.

Finally, Chef Dino has impeccable training.  After studying in the Philippines, he went to study the culinary arts abroad.  Chef Dino has an Associate of Occupation Studies Degree from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts andan Associate Degree from the California Culinary Academy. With Chef Dino's capable leadership, the Moderne Culinaire Academy is ready to mold the chefs of tomorrow. 

DJ Nix Pernia / DJ Nix Damn P! is the 2011 champion of the Best Buy DJ Spin-off in Los Angeles, USA.  His mix of hip-hop and underground repertoire makes him one of the requested and coveted DJs in the country.  His beats provide the sound and rhythm to many clubs and events in Manila and  various festivals..


8Minutes is collaboration between Christina “Ling” Quisumbing Ramilo, Chef Edward Mateo and collective Studio XYZ. 8 Minutes references the longevity and brevity of time and the transformations these durations allow. Ling Quisumbing Ramilo works with Yan Abeledo of Studio XYZ for a video installation in the balcony, the piece echoes the interval of planes passing across the sky. Alongside this work is a performance/installation to mimic the sifting of coarse sand for construction, contrasting industrial tools and organic elements. As with the balcony piece, it incorporates inherent rhythm connoting lulling movements, the crawl of time and days. Works by members of Studio XYZ take from this 3 | M C A P r o j e c t S p a c e theme of change, metamorphosis and growth and will be exhibited at the third floor gallery together with collaborative installations done with Chef Edward Mateo.

Christina Quisumbing RamiloChristina Quisumbing Ramilo’s body of works is defined by a sensitive approach to material and site through re-imagining and constant examination of surfaces and objects. She crafts and makes works that relay personal states, intervening through and reconfiguring existing forms to render poetic visions of the world.

Ling graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s in Visual Communications, majoring in Editorial Design and Illustration and a Master of Arts in Studio Art and Art Education, major in Painting from New York University. She lived in New York for twenty-three years before returning to practice in the Philippines. Her recent exhibitions include Construct at Silverlens 20 Square, Stories from the Ruins at Art Informal and Residue at Galleria Duemila 2013.

Chef Edward Mateo is known for his delectable dessert creations. He has worked as pastry chef in Edsa Shangri-La Manila, as baker for Hamilo Coast Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, and is now the owner of Royale Patisserie. Chef Edward shares his skills and knowledge through several venues. He teaches at the Moderne Culinaire Academy, writes for Cook Magazine, and co-hosts Cook Eat Right for UNTV.

STUDIO XYZ is a collective: Mikai Rodrigo, Pin Calacal, Nicole Tee, Nathalie Dagmang, Indy Paredes, Ness Sheen, Yan Abeledo, Pope Bacay, Katherine Kim, Henrielle Baltazar Pagkaliwangan, Efren Madlangsakay, Julia Barrameda, Miguel Puyat, Jess De Leon, Michael Nilles, Jacey Cervania, Isha Naguiat, Caitlin Abeleda, and Ilya Angela Salveron.