S[H]IFT Launch Event

Event starts promptly at 7PM on 26th March 2014, Wednesday.

The launch event involves artistic collaborations with chefs of the Moderne Culinaire Academy. It will focus on the creative interfaces between culinary and artistic projects that result to object-oriented, process-based, or performative outcomes.

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Press release: S[H]IFT launch event

SHIFT Art Space introduces its series of projects with a launch event on 26th March 2014, Saturday at the Moderne Culinaire Academy in Taguig. Envisioned as creative platform for collaborative practice, SHIFT works around multiple facets of creativity, aiming at intersections between creative disciplines. It hopes to foster a platform and network for artists to realize their creative vision. Situated at the topmost floor of a culinary school, SHIFT occupies roughly 500-square-meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition space.

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