S[H]IFT connotes two actions that imply transition or change: in culinary terms, to sift is put through a sieve for the purpose of separating fine from coarse materials. It is to choose with a discerning eye. To shift on the other hand may mean a change in direction or point of view to realize a movement to a new level, like a paradigm shift, or in terms of pace, a shift in gear.

S[H]IFT is a platform for interdisciplinary projects that examine intersections across diverse creative practices.

S[H]IFT aims to facilitate creative engagements among artists, designers, curators and specialists from other fields.

It aims to provide a space for artists beyond those of the art market and render necessary support and networks to achieve their artistic vision.

It aims to be a venue for artists, curators, and collectives to explore interdisciplinary programs and projects, and for various audiences to get acquainted with their practice in an immersive and engaging manner.

S[H]IFT project space occupies approximately 400 square meters of indoor space and 100 square meters of outdoor space. These are located at the topmost floors of the Moderne Culinaire Academy in Taguig City.

Consultants and partners

Moderne Culinaire Academy is a newly-opened culinary school in the Philippines, duly recognized and certified by TESDA. Strategically located in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, its facilities include state-of-the-art kitchens, dining and restaurant facilities, lecture rooms, a full bar, and a culinary research center. It is a school formed by a team of young, highly talented and dedicated Chef Instructors whose common goal is to provide the highest quality hands-on culinary education. Chef Instructors are selected on their ability to transform talent into transferable technology useful for food industry students.

christine del castillo

Christine del Castillo

is CEO of Moderne Culinaire Academy and oversees local and international restaurants in the Philippines. She has taken courses in marketing, strategic budgeting and financial planning at New York University in 2007. Christine graduated with honours from Assumption College and worked for a decade at San Miguel Corporation.
anton del castillo

Anton del Castillo

body of works explores various mediums through painting, sculpture and installation. He had his first solo exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2005 and has since participated in exhibitions in Manila, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and New York. He was awarded the Schoeni Prize in the Sovereign Art Competition
in Hong Kong and the Metrobank Competition grand prize in 2003.
Anton is recipient of the Asian Cultural Council grant and the Sovereign Art Foundation Fellowship in 2006. He is assistant professor at the University of the Philippines Integrated School. He earned his bachelor and master degrees of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

ricky francisco

Ricky Francisco

is an independent museum and gallery consultant currently working with the Lopez Museum and Library and a few other private institutions in Manila and Singapore. He also worked with artists and artist groups on independent and exploratory mentorship and curatorial projects and is an advocate of preventive conservation.
ricky francisco

Yorkie Gomez

is a banker by profession and has worked with top banks in the industry. A graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, Yorkie is currently a Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank in Manila. He has a passion for art and has been an avid collector of Philippine contemporary art for over two decades.

tessa maria guazon

Tessa Maria Guazon

is assistant professor of Art Studies at the University of the Philippines Diliman. She has published essays on public art projects in urban contexts, most recent an essay for the anthology Transforming Asian Cities published by Routledge UK and an article in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
published by Wiley Blackwell UK. She writes for art catalogues, reviews exhibitions and films, and curates art projects.
Tessa is recipient of research fellowships from the UP and international foundations including the SEASREP language grant in 2008 for Thai language studies, the Nancy Sena Junior Faculty Grant and the OVCRD research grant for public art in 2011, and the travel grant from CIMAM Barcelona in 2012. Her attachment as researcher to The National Art Gallery Singapore in 2011 was sponsored by the Singapore International Foundation. She was recently awarded the Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowship by The Nippon Foundation for fieldwork on culture and cities in Thailand and Indonesia in 2014.